AntMiner S9 Installation Guide

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There were couple of hardware in use when CryptoCurrency was introduced or gained popularity , Even a simple home pc could be used to solve algorithms , Transactions or simply mining bitcoins , More and more people involved and cryptoworld gained so much popularity that prices got sky high , Solving the math calculations became also difficult and now its close to impossible to mine bitcoins or other popular crypto currency with home PC .I use to mine bitcoin with my home PC around 2013 but its not worth it now , infact it can cause you gaming laptop or Desktop PC some serious damage . Cryptomining now a days need lot of power consumption and utilize your PC hardware with 100% of its resources . These devices are not made to mine cryptocurrency . you need to have specialized devices which are both energy efficient than PC and can mine thousands time more than a PC can do for you. there are some coins which you can still mine which normal home PC like Etherium . Eventhough there are hundreds of other coins but still you need a powerful GPU “Graphics card” which is better in solving math problems than a powerful processor.

AntiMiner S9 is the latest series with can give a hashing rate of above 14TH alone . Even though bitcoin value has decreased from 18k to 9k but its gaining rhythm again as no one can stop technology . if paper note can be considered as a technology then why not digital currency which is much more secure and every bit of transaction is verified by not one but thousands and thousands of machines. Mining Cryptocurrency is still much profitable but you need to have right equipment for it , These powerful Miners gives around 1:10000 more hash rate than a normal PC but it all depends how serious you are in investment with cryptocurrency and Mining.

ASIC Miner Mining unit. Hash Rate: 13.0TH/s (within 7%); Power Consumption: 1275W (within 7%); Best efficiency of any miner using just 0.098 watts / GH. Built-in web management portal. No separate host computer required . These Devices are specially made to mine bitcoin at high speed and low cost and that is what you want when you draw your profit in the last for what you have spend.