Best Powerbank 2018 guide

Best power bank specs

  • The one you can carry everywhere and can toss in the bag , extreme portable.
  • can charge more than one mobile at once
  • One with multiple charging options (like solar charging etc)
  • Can minimum charge two full 100% cycles in one go
  • Should be reasonable priced
  • long lasting with quick self charging
  • Minimum above 10000 charging cycles
  • should be minimum of 6000mAH power otherwise you will never be able to even charge one mobile 100% , Simple formula , The higher the capacity the power-bank has the more power it can retain.lets assume that your iPhone inside battery capacity is 18100mAH fixed battery then you should minimum be looking for a power-bank above 5,000mAH otherwise you need to charge it frequently .

And i can go on and on and on but main point is that always choose the best one with reasonable price (b/w 20 to 50$) . Moreover you can usually use any usb charger with power-banks but recommendation is to use charger which can give maximum throughput to charge it than waiting some hours everyday .Portable powerbanks are in different shapes and sizes. Wisely choose the one which meet your needs.

What type of batteries do POWER BANKS use?

POWER BANKS usually come including Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) & Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) top batteries. When it happens to top batteries, not each is formed uniformly Lithium-Ion top batteries hold a larger power density & are inexpensive to produce, but can have problems by aging . No battery can be used life time . But Lithium-Ion battery die as they get old . life time of a battery can be calculated by the times of cycle it has been recharged. Lithium-Polymer does not allow from growing to the related amount so are a real choice. Though, due to their larger manufacturing expenses, they possibly do not fill all funds. Advantages and

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  1. USB/Portable: This is, in a word, a charger is USB OR PORTABLE POWER BANK. You can carry it any where you want, or while on travel or vacation. It does not demand sockets. So you can fill your phone even when you are in travel or vacation or fishing or woods. The portability will certainly help you stay gone from a terrible situation when the box runs out of life.For that purpose, you cannot have many numbers of times. For instance, you can load your mobile phone more than once. Also, if you go for an extended weekend, the Chinese MOBILE PHONE BATTERY CHARGER you can during the entire trip.Simply connects to a USB POWER BANK slot or port: It can easily get connected with a USB slot or port so that can be recharged in a car or with a laptop. The USB port gives compatibility with every device as large as they have standard ends.Reasonable price: It’s cheap, and not too significant pressure on your wallet.Multiple outlets: the power of the banks are multiple outlets, letting you attach more than 1 phone.

    1. Heavy or Bulky:

    A little disadvantage is the EXTERNAL PORTABLE BATTERY CHARGER is that it is a bit heavy. It is bulky and has weight. So, if you are to carry it, it feels a little awkward, because it adds to the burden of your handbag.

    2. It begins with a USB cable:

    In the time of wireless, the device uses a USB cable, which is still a small setback.

    3. Wireless charges:

    Not a big success until now.

    4. Shorter ropes of powers Bank:

    Using the MOBILE PHONE BATTERY CHARGER while it is connected to BATTERY PACK CHARGER is difficult. Power banks chargers regularly have very little cords (2-3inch) which indicates one has to operate the phone when it is charging.

    5. Trivial or Frivolous charges:

    This can be just another trivial costs if you do not have to travel a lot or do not depend on official work. Most people do not find it very useful. But for some, it may simply not worth the price