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If you are connected to entities such as but not limited to Governments, treasuries, central banks, banks, financial institutions, monetary funds, judicial entities, real estates, properties commercial, industrial, domestic, foreign, stock, bond, share and IT software markets, insurance captive Islamic banking sharia compliant Blockchain foreign exchange and want to get ahead of the curve on Blockchain you need this book. Don’t think just buy, read it learn from it try to understand it, come up with new business models, write down questions and send them to me lets work together as there is plenty of room in this Blockchain space a simple license agreement from us to you and you will be in business. Buy the book sit back take your time reading it as I have put multiple note sections in there for you to write questions down and also think about new use cases and business models then contact me. For the first time in history the blockchain has given us the genuine ability to replace interest this is in of itself prophetic hence the title of the book Blockchain Prophecy. The eight major granted blockchain patents that we hold were not to play god but to guarantee we could introduce and therefore implement these products and processes. The decentralized nature of the blockchain is to share the wealth by default. This is also a guide for those in the consulting and advisory space like McKinsey, Bain, KPMG, PWC, Deloitte. Stay ahead of everyone else by understanding everything that I have written in side this book. You will have knowledge that you did not have before because this is the first time it has ever been written and compiled into one writing. This book is not for those that want to learn about how to buy crypto currency low and sell high the game players nor is it a book about how to get rich quick example ico’s using the blockchain there are plenty of those out on the market however what this book is, is a fundamental understanding of what has been gifted to us the blockchain and how we can use it to the best of our abilities to transition our financial system from an interest bearing debt based model to a asset commodities earnings model. Once you understand that POS proof of stake and secondary mining off the principle and how that is the transition and replacement to interest it all starts to make sense, even today 3 1/2 years later it astounds me how elegant a solution the blockchain is for such a complex financial system. Bitcoin and the blockchain are 9 years old now so we are past the what is it we are now at the use case stage of what can we do with it in the least amount of moves to make the most amount of gain. Governments Central Banks Treasuries Banks Credit Unions Financial Institutions Monetary Funds Insurance Underwriters Franchise Franchiser Islamic Banking Gold Index Bitcoin Crypto Currency Digital Currency Asset Commodity From the outset it needs to be said that I have had many meetings with the best of the best in the government central banks treasuries banking financial arenas and know what I have said to be true. This is such a difficult subject and one that takes time for those in the old system to first be open to and then gain the ability to understand at the same time comprehend and then embrace as it starts to make sense and they can see where it can fit within their ethos. All those in the banking and financial space will have a copy of this book and in doing so they will gain a full understanding of the Blockchain which will give them to be honest an unfair advantage over those that have not read it by default enhancing their position and status. Also buy the books Blockchain Revolution and Down the Rabbit Hole and a few of Jim Rickards , Currency Wars, Road to Ruin etc.

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Mr Gary Gabriel McAlister


Bankcoin Reserve


Bankcoin Reserve


Bankcoin Reserve












Bankcoin Reserve




English Edition 1




Blockchain Prophecy: A Declaration of Sovereignty (Series 1) (Volume 1)