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Custom Hotrod VW Van – External USB 3.0 High Speed, 64gb Storage Drive and Cable Prototype
We were luckily enough to purchase many of Flash Rods prototypes and stock that was left when the company went out of business. This one is a very cool, Lowered VW bus with lots of cool features. The doors and motor cover open, as well as the wheels turning. It is a 1/24 scale die cast model with a 64gb, USB 3.0 Flash/Solid State chip. Access to the USB connection is behind the third door, making it invisible once the door is closed. This is the only one ever made making it collectible as well as very cool.

Flash Rods was a start up company that in 2009 made custom automotive themed hard drive and flash drive storage solutions. They were hugely successful, especially overseas, but eventually shut down production because of a shortage of resources(conspiracy).

Here is a little about Flash Rods from their original website:
“Flash Rods are the perfect back up solution for any one that doesn’t want a plastic box sitting on their desk. Flash Rods cars operate exactly the same as any external, self powered, hard drives or flash drive, just much cooler. In most cases, Flash Rods are faster than boring external drives due to the premium drives we use. There’s no drivers to load or any connection mumbo jumbo. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port and you’re rolling”.

All Flash Rods cars are engineered to hide any indications of a storage drive in the car. The drive is not visible and has not made any noticeable appearance change in the interior of the car. Our special USB cable ensures every Flash Rods, hard drive car is 100% compatible with Window/PC and Mac. Flash Rods external storage drives/cars can be changed to any file format and are powered by your computer. No ugly power supplies to ruin the cool look of the car!

This one of a kind piece comes with a USB 3.0 high speed cable. It’s packed with care and shipped free with a tracking number.

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64gb, External Storage, USB 3.0


Flash Rods

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