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Before we get started, please note that this listing is selling The White Gold Interface installed on a NVIDIA Shield (gaming controller included).

If you are looking for the White Gold Fire TV see my other listing!

Simply put, the NVIDIA Shield is the best Android TV on the market. The Shield is the Rolls Royce of streaming media players.


The White Gold Edition Interface for the NVIDIA Shield

You have just found the best system ever created for the NVIDIA Shield.

  • Unmatched easy-to-use professional user interface – absolutely gorgeous!

  • Comes with premium private Live TV service – the only way to get HQ stable live TV

  • Premium Live TV service will also work on your mobile phone or tablet – live TV on the go!

  • Easy to use favorite system – easy centralized access to all your favorite Movies, TV shows and TV channels

  • Reliable  access to live MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and other EU Sports as well as Live PPV such as Boxing and UFC

  • 100% Wife and Girlfriend friendly

The list of Premium Live TV channels that you will get is located at the end of the listing.

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Take a look at this video to see everything that you are getting, and read on so that you understand how this product is unlike any other Shield available in the world.


♛ Kodi NVIDIA Shield White Gold Gaming Ed. - w/ Private Access Live TV Service!!

The White Gold Edition Interface for the Kodi Amazon Fire Stick – YouTube

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If you do not see the video directly below in the listing, you can click here to watch the White Gold Interface video demo on YouTube

Please note that auto-play in the demo video has been temporarily disabled – the new feature allows you to select which stream to play manually for greater access to HD streams.

You are very lucky to have found this listing because you are about to learn a lot about the Kodi marketplace on eBay.

Warning: It isn’t pretty out there.

The good news is that even if you decide to not buy my White Gold Edition Interface, you will learn what warning signs to look for to avoid buying a bogus Kodi product on eBay. Please read this in full because it can only help you quickly become an educated Kodi consumer.

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This started a two years ago when I was doing exactly what you are doing right now: looking for a Kodi system on eBay that was preloaded with Kodi so that I could watch Movies and TV Shows for free.

I have several degrees in computer science, so I knew that I could jailbreak a Fire Stick to run Kodi without a problem. But I didn’t want to be bothered. I just wanted to have a plug and play device to watch Movies and TV Shows in my living room without any fuss.

So I went to eBay and found many sellers to choose from. I ended up buying a Kodi Fire Stick for $100 from a popular seller and received it a few days later.

To say that I was massively disappointed would be an understatement. I was angry.

What I received was a monstrosity. Not only was the interface confusing to the point of being nearly un-useable, it was an ugly eyesore.

Of the many problems I experienced, here are just a few:

The graphics on the user interface were loud and cartoonish – they would make a teenager cringe. It was like looking at amateurish graffiti you would see at a skate park or a public bathroom. I’m not having that mess on the centerpiece of my living room.

I had no way to control the volume. It required me to go into a complex audio menu just to adjust the volume. That is not acceptable.

There were tons and tons of add-ons to watch Movies and TV Shows. That might sound like a good idea, but it was actually terrible because most of these add-ons work poorly or never at all. So I had to go through all of these add-ons to figure out which ones worked and which ones did not. Why include these add-ons if they work poorly? It just bloats the size of Kodi and makes it work more sluggishly. This is what you will find on virtually every other Kodi system for sale on eBay.

If you notice that an eBay seller is including add-ons like “Bob” and “Phoenix”, you just learned that they don’t know what they are doing. These add-ons are vastly inferior, which is why I don’t include them on the White Gold Edition Interface.

Live television was a joke. Nothing worked reliably. Video quality was atrocious. Painful and useless.

Fixing this interface was out of the question because it was so hideously ugly. I would have dealt with just fixing the problems, but why bother when the canvas was painted by someone with the artistic skills of a toddler?

I looked around on eBay to see if this seller was an anomaly. Quite the opposite was true. Nearly every interface I saw on listings was just as bad and sometimes even worse than what I bought. Ugly childish non-functional garbage everywhere.

This is the norm on the eBay Kodi marketplace. The quality of product is exceptionally low.

Since I had no good options to buy a Kodi system on eBay that I would be satisfied with, I took the one that I had, wiped it clean, and started from scratch.

From there I began to develop a powerful and beautiful Kodi interface that I believe is unmatched in functionality, reliability, and beauty.  

This is an interface that is 100% wife and girlfriend friendly. This will impress your friends. This is an interface that you will love living with.

Not only does this interface look gorgeous, it works far better than anything else out there. I’ll tell you why.

Kodi needs tuning. A lot of tuning.

An stock Kodi engine will perform like a 1973 Impala with a busted transmission.

A finely tuned Kodi engine will perform like a Lamborghini.

The White Gold Kodi interface that I developed took me months to finish. About half of that time was spent on the graphical interface. The other half was spent on fine tuning the Kodi engine and add-ons. I accomplished this by writing custom Python code, extensive advanced XML scripting, and running performance diagnostics on add-ons, sources, and providers.

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As much of a positive impact that all the hard work did, there was one other major problem to solve:

Live TV.

Any Kodi system that you buy on eBay will include some free service to give you live tv channels. Some free services are poor, case in point Mobdros. It has low video quality and poor reliability but it’s free. A broken clock is right twice a day as they say.

The bottom line is that if you want reliable Live TV with excellent quality, you just can’t get it for free. You need a Premium Live TV provider. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. If you want quality, you have to pay for it – simple as that.

The White Gold Kodi NVIDIA Shield comes with a one month trial of Premium Live TV service.

I pay for this for you out of my own pocket. There is no other Kodi seller on eBay who does this because they are just interested in making a quick buck. I’m interested in selling the best quality product possible. That requires Premium Private Live TV service.

There is no other seller in the eBay marketplace that pre-loads a premium Live TV service out of their own pocket.

They just stick you with the terrible free TV add ons, which are all horrible.

Many people are looking to avoid the ridiculous prices that cable companies charge for Live TV service – that’s not going to happen with a free provider. Simple as that. (It’s free for a reason…it’s not good.)

A premium Live TV service is the only way to get reliable streaming live TV to your system – including live PPV events like Boxing and UFC.

You will receive a free one month trial of the Premium Live TV service to decide if it is right for you.

Here is a list of all of the channels that are available through the Premium Live TV service.

You will receive a trial to the entire full package lineup for your one month free trial.

After you have tried the Premium Live TV service for a month, you can subscribe for as low as $5.25 per month. Or not. There is no obligation and there is no contract.

The choice is yours, the one month trial to the full channel lineup is free.

Even if you don’t end up buying my White Gold Edition Interface, I want to help you avoid buying a rubbish unit. I know that my product is not for everyone because the price is on the high end of the range. I have crafted a premium interface, I include a Premium Live TV service, and I charge a premium price for the package.

However, if you still want to shop for a Kodi box at a lower price, I can help you with some tips:

1. Ask the seller to see pictures (preferably a video) of their interface in action. If it looks like a jumbled ugly mess, keep looking until you find one that you could live with showing your friends and family who come over to watch a movie.

2. Ask your wife or girlfriend what she thinks of the interface. If she looks at it and starts furrowing her brow and frowning, it’s only going to get worse when she tries to actually use the interface.

3. Ask the seller what version of Kodi is used. If they say “Jarvis” or “Kodi 16”, look elsewhere. The only appropriate version of Kodi to use is version 17.6 (Krypton) because Kodi is in the process of phasing out all earlier versions. You don’t want to be stuck with that.

4. Ask the seller if they have disabled hosters with captchas and Torba. If they have not or they don’t know what you are talking about, they are selling you a product that will be very frustrating to use. Kodi requires tuning to make it work well. These two things are the most basic Kodi tuning that any seller should know. If they are ignorant of these simple tweaks, don’t give them your business because they don’t know what they are doing.

5. Ask the seller if the keymap has been edited to allow for volume control during movie playback and one button click to stop playing a Movie. This is Kodi tuning 101, and unfortunately the vast majority of sellers do not take the time to implement these two simple tweaks to make your user experience so much better.

6. Ask the seller if they provide a free trial to a Premium Paid Live TV service. If they do, that is a very good sign that the seller is providing a good product.

I could go on and on, but these are very simple things that anyone knowledgeable about Kodi will do to significantly improve their customer’s experience. There may be a few sellers on eBay that do some of these things. They might not have an interface that is as aesthetically pleasing as White Gold, but it might work well. Find them. Don’t do business with the “dump and run” Kodi sellers.

I hope this has been useful reading for you whether or not you choose to go with the White Gold Kodi NVIDIA Shield that I have created. What is important to me is to educate people on how bad it is out there in this particular marketplace. Unfortunately, it’s a wasteland out there.

If I can help people from avoiding junk Kodi products and help them find better quality options, I’m very happy about that.

Do your research, ask the right questions, and you will be way ahead of the game.

Good Luck!


♛ Kodi NVIDIA Shield White Gold Gaming Ed. - w/ Private Access Live TV Service!!

The White Gold Edition Interface for the Kodi Amazon Fire Stick – YouTube

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If you do not see the video directly above this text, you can click here to watch the White Gold Interface video demo on YouTube

Please note that your free trial includes all Sports content and all Entertainment content. Full package!

Do you have a question about The White Gold Edition NVIDIA Shield?

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Please – one last thing before I go:

Think about walking into Best Buy to see the latest and greatest in entertainment technology.

As you walk through the AV department, you see all of their beautiful big screen TV’s. And you see the demo systems for smart TV systems that they have set up where you can browse through streamable content – like the Sony and Samsung demos they have in so many locations. Very nice!

Now think about all of the other listings you looked at today on eBay for other Kodi systems.

Here’s the big question for you:

Would you ever see an interface that looks like that at a Best Buy?

Of course not because those are tawdry rubbish interfaces made by hackers who have no sense of style or ease of use. (There’s a reason why they don’t have girlfriends you know – awkward!)

If everything else that you saw today on eBay is not good enough to put on a Best Buy sales floor, why on earth is it good enough to become the centerpiece of your Living Room?

I’m not trying to close you here. I don’t need to do that because my systems always sell out every week.

I’m trying to help you – I don’t want you to make an expensive mistake.

It’s a wasteland out there.

Be careful!

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